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5th Grade Big Island Trip Day 1

October 05, 2017
By Trinity Christian School

Today we flew to the Big Island. We were welcomed so warmly by the pilot and our tour guide, Uncle Keith. The students were so excited to see Rainbow Falls. We were all touched by the beauty of the falls and the beauty of God's creation. Uncle Keith was a wealth of information and humor as we traveled from place to place. Lyman Museum was amazing! We were able to see gems, shells, the progression of plants and animals in Hawaii, and the history and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. We also learned so much about the Lyman family and their mission and school work. The lava fields and petroglyphs were the highlight of the day. We saw smooth lava (pahoehoe) and rough lava (a'a). We also traced and saw amazing petroglyphs of circles, people, turtles, and other interesting shapes. All in all today was an amazing day!

Written by Katie Duncan


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