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Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

Our Mission

We are a Christ-centered classical school committed to partnering with parents to engage the minds and transform the lives of students for the glory of God.


Our Convictions

Christian Worldview in our Thinking: What we think and believe is rooted in a story. As humans, we seek to find our place in God’s creation and His story of redemption in a fallen world. This draws us into an honest pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. Christian education aims to train wise and virtuous adults who are able to discern truth, choose what is good, and beautifully express the reason for those choices. We believe ultimate fulfillment in this journey will be found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Gospel in our Motivation: The Good News of Jesus Christ gives us purpose in every endeavor and teaches us to approach creation, other people, and our work with humility. In this age of self-confidence and self-serving pragmatism, we acknowledge our dependence on our Creator and trust in the provision on His Son on the cross. We are motivated not by indebtedness, but by a thankful heart. This means that our academic pursuits are not an obligation or a ticket to success, but rather a response to the Good News and an act of worship.

Classical in our Method: We believe that the classical method provides the best means of educating children, according to centuries of experience in educating history’s greatest minds and leaders. We train students through their natural developmental stages in the disciplines of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. These tools of learning capitalize on the Western liberal arts tradition and equip young men and women to be lifetime learners in any context or culture.

Partnered with Parents in our Community: We recognize the God-given authority of parents as the primary educators over their children, so we respect and faithfully serve parents in that tremendous responsibility. We openly welcome parent involvement in the life of the school and orient ourselves toward serving parents, just as parents have long served the school. Together we work for the success of students, not just in the classroom, but especially in the home and for the family. Ultimately, we partner with parents to glorify God in our community.