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Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives
Classical teaching meets modern technology


Technology can be highly fascinating and engaging, it is also woven into almost every aspect of modern life. For impressionable minds, technology needs to be handled with both wisdom and moderation. 

At TCS, we practice this perspective, so we utilize technology, not as a "shiny new toy", but rather as a tool to be used within our curriculum. This is how the classical education model meets the modern world. When technology evolves, we evolve with it, but we do not change the focus and content of our curriculum.

Our classical use of technology can be seen in our writing and composition classes. Our students will learn to write on paper in the earlier grades, then in the upper grades they will learn to formally write on a computer. The focus remains on the actual writing. In our science classes, students learn to calculate their data and write their lab narratives on the computer, but the emphasis is on the proper scientific process. Students learn to make a presentation to their class utilizing a computer, but the emphasis is on the organization and methodology of making a presentation. By teaching our students that technology is a tool, we deemphasize its status, and the learning process remains the focus.