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What is Christian Classical Education

What is Classical Christian Education?

Our Classical Education Model

At Trinity Christian School, we are classical in methodology, which is structured around the three stages of learning known as the Trivium: the Grammar Stage, the Logic Stage, and the Rhetoric Stage.

Grammar Stage

In the Grammar Stage, kindergarten through 6th grade, students focus on acquiring foundational knowledge in core subjects such as language arts, mathematics, history, and science. Through memorization, songs, and rhymes, students develop a solid framework of facts and vocabulary that will serve as the building blocks for deeper understanding in later stages.

Logic Stage

As students progress to the Logic Stage, grades 7th through 8th, they learn to think critically and analytically. They explore the relationships between different subjects and begin to ask probing questions, seeking to understand the underlying principles and connections that govern the world around them. Students engage in formal logic, argumentation, and debate, honing their ability to reason soundly and articulate their thoughts effectively.

Rhetoric Stage

In the Rhetoric Stage, grades 9th through 12th, students refine their communication skills and learn to express themselves eloquently and persuasively. They study classical texts, analyze complex ideas, and develop their own voice through writing and public speaking. By crafting well-reasoned arguments and presentations, students become confident communicators and leaders who can engage meaningfully with the world.


Why Choose Classical Education at Trinity Christian School?


What is Good, True, and Beautiful

Classical education challenges students to discern what is good, true and beautiful. From the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, we see these concepts painted through history with a specific emphasis discerning why God created us and everything around us and how that impacts our decision making.

Importance of Critical Thinking

By emphasizing logic and rhetoric, our curriculum equips students with the analytical skills and intellectual agility needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Character Formation

At Trinity Christian School, education is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about cultivating virtue. We are called to see all things through the lens of scripture with bible being not just a class, but a common thread through every course and activity.

Preparation for Success

Whether pursuing higher education or entering the workforce, graduates of our classical education program are well-prepared to excel in their chosen endeavors. They possess the intellectual curiosity, communication skills, and ethical foundation necessary for success in any field.

Join Us at Trinity Christian School

If you are seeking an education that goes beyond mere rote memorization and standardized testing, consider enrolling your child at Trinity Christian School. Our classical education model provides a holistic approach to learning that nurtures the mind, heart, and soul, preparing students to lead lives of purpose and significance.

Contact us today to learn more about our admissions process and schedule a visit to our campus in beautiful Kailua, Hawaii.