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Trinity Christian School uses the Office 365 system for its classroom technology.  This system includes the Microsoft Teams platform which facilitates our Home Learning solution which includes communication, assignments, both live and recorded video instruction, and a Class Notebook for organizing classes.  To participate in the Home Learning classes, you will need to get set up for Teams, and then access Teams at the scheduled class time.

To get set up for classes in Teams, you will need three things:

1) An internet connection

2) Your child’s TCS email address and password

3) A way to access to Microsoft Teams

You should have received your child’s TCS email address and password in an email.  If you did not, you can contact the TCS Technology Manager using the link below.  If you have multiple children enrolled, you should receive a TCS email address and password for each child.

To access Microsoft Teams, there are two ways to accomplish this:

1) You can use your internet browser, go to this page and sign in using your child’s TCS email address and password.

2) You can download the Teams app from here, install it on your computer (PC or Mac) or device (iOS or Android) and then sign in using your child’s TCS email address and password.

Please Note: a computer (PC or Mac) is best for participating in the class.  The mobile device version of Teams does not have the full functionality that the computer version has.

Here are some additional resources to help you use and navigate your classroom Team:

A reference sheet on how to navigate the Teams screen (click the link to download the pdf file)

A tutorial for parents of students using Teams for online learning

A tutorial for upper school students using Teams for online learning

A substantial amount of the online classes are video, a reasonably fast internet connection would be best (50Mb/s or better)  If you have more than one child attending online classes, you should have at least 30Mb/s for each child.  For example, if you have 2 children, you should have 60Mb/s (30Mb/s x 2)

If you are not sure about how fast your internet connection is, you can contact your internet provider, and they can tell you what you have.


If you have any additional questions, contact Anya Edmonds, the TCS Technology Manager at

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