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Kindergarten Prep

We are excited to bring back our bi-level Kindergarten program.  The transition from preschool to Kindergarten is pivotal, and here at Trinity, we believe in the "gift of time."  Kindergarten Prep (KP) offers a schedule and curriculum perfectly suited for students who are either slightly below the age cut off for Kindergarten, or are needing just a bit more time to practice and develop the skills introduced in preschool, while being introduced to the academics of Kindergarten.

KP will follow the classroom schedule of our elementary program, including the specialists, Music, Art, Swimming, P.E., and Hawaiiana.  With a shortened nap time compared to the preschool, Kindergarten Prep allows for a little more time for daily academics and exploratory learning.  KP will follow the curriculum of our elementary program, including, The Writing Road to Reading: The Spalding Approach, and Math in Focus: A Singapore Approach.  Students will end their year with KP fully prepared for their upcoming year of Kindergarten and their years of schooling to come.

Who is eligible for Kindergarten Prep?

Students born on or before December 1, 2016

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We use a phonics and grammar-based approach in language arts so that, as students learn the rules that govern the English language, they can apply them to their reading and  writing. To encourage a love of literature, students are exposed to a variety of stories in all subjects. From manuscript we also teach cursive penmanship, as writing is the among the effective tools for thorough understanding and lasting recall of information. 

Students learn history as a narrative, beginning at creation, and students learn the important events and people of the ages up to the present day by the sixth grade.

Our math program is both accelerated and focused on fundamentals to best prepare our students for higher-level math.

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