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In a Blink

February 14, 2020
By Nancy Keegan

Blink * You’re pregnant. * Blink * Your child is starting school.  * Blink * Graduation is 3 months away!

Just like that, in a blink, our daughter is eighteen, graduating from Trinity Christian School, and will be attending college this Fall.  Kaley started TCS at three years old. As a graduate she will be recognized as a daughter of Trinity.  Students with this recognition attended TCS from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Of the eleven seniors, five of them have been together since Preschool.  These students have grown up together and have forged a friendship like that of siblings. 

We chose TCS for our three-year-old for a few reasons:  close to home, Christian, and a good reputation.  We really liked our interactions with the student tour guides and wanted our daughter to one day be that poised and confident.  At that point, TCS ended after sixth grade.  We’ve experienced the growing pains of adding a high school and making a shift to a Classical Curriculum. 

TCS met our expectations and in many ways exceeded it.  Did we make concessions by attending a small school?  Yes.  Did she have an abundance of clubs, athletics, and classes to choose from? No.  We decided that what we gained from a small Christian school outweighed some of those extras, and we could supplement for those opportunities she might be missing in the community.

Was Kaley sheltered at TCS?  Yes!  That is exactly what we wanted.  She will be faced with very hard decisions and worldly temptations or attitudes as a student at any school whether large or small, public or private.  The difference was in the timing of the exposure.  Trinity in tandem with our family helped Kaley develop and defend her faith, while sorting out her values and priorities.  I would much rather have my child make decisions about smoking in her later teen years than in elementary school.  The sheltered environment at TCS allowed her to mature and figure out her values and beliefs.  Now, when faced with a difficult decision she has more maturity with which to face it.

Our daughter is now that confident, Open House tour guide and so much more.  In less than three months, Kaley will stand before an audience and a panel of judges.  She will deliver a twenty-minute speech and then defend her paper for twenty minutes.  This is the culmination of her education and training at TCS.  She will stand with confidence, speak eloquently, and answer challenging questions.  We believe she will be well-prepared to launch into adulthood, college, and beyond.

Nancy Keegan

Note:  Plan to attend Senior Thesis May 13-15.  Details will be in the Tabula in May.

What specific things are you looking for in your preschool through senior experience for your keiki?

Mary Nellans says:
February 14, 2020 07:11 PM CST
As Kaley's grandmother, I would like to add that we are very proud of her and her accomplishments in her years at Trinity. We are also very proud of our son and daughter-in-law for their choices for our grandchildren. We are sure that the future will be bright for all of them with this wonderfully well grounded education.

Nancy Shaw says:
February 18, 2020 08:15 PM CST
A lovely blog Nancy. Indeed Kaley has grown into that confident, poised and bright young lady who loves God. Remember though that education begins at home. Congratulations on a job well done.

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