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Secondary Basketball Season Update

March 22, 2018
By Trinity Christian School
In Retrospect: The 2018 Basketball Season
Written by Coach Rich

The 2018 basketball season at Trinity Christian School was the best in the school’s history.  Our ladies finished second and the men finished in third. As their coach I can’t put into words how happy I am for each of them.  Last season’s girls struggled to win a game but this year their hard work paid off and they found themselves ready to compete with Calvary for the championship. The men, having finished third last year, had their sights set higher this season and were in the position to also get to the championship game but the semifinals against Friendship, a team we’d beaten twice already in the season, didn’t work out like we hoped and we lost a close battle. So we played in the consolation game against Ko’olau Baptist for third. At times there can be a real let-down after a loss like we’d just experienced but the Lions brought their new aggressive  trademark style to the game and won going away.  Both teams played excellent team basketball and will bring those talents and focus back to 2019. 
Although you strive to win the championships in sports, our real objective is to glorify God and represent him through our actions. I sincerely believe the Trinity Lions did a fantastic job of that this season, as they always do.  We all grew through this wonderful journey and look forward to next year.    


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Secondary Basketball Season Update

February 13, 2018
By Trinity Christian School

Written by Coach Rich

When our Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball teams started their season workouts back in November we discussed the journey and the hard work required to achieve their goals. One of our goals along that journey was coming together as a team and playing as a unit. As we head into the last game of the season (Calvary @ 7:30 pm at Calvary) before playoffs, it’s obvious their hard work is paying off. Each team is currently sitting in 2nd place, with first place on the line for the Boys. Sports are played to glorify God and have fun and if our games against Kaimuki were any indication, the Lions had a great time last Saturday. The Ladies were coming off an overnight team bonding event (I’m sure all they talked about was basketball!) and played with such intensity and focus it was obvious their common goal and joy was evident. The men were playing their second game of the weekend so I was uncertain what to expect, tired legs, lack of focus. Needless to say I was nervous. Well it was none of those. They played with such drive and desire that all TCS Lions would be proud. If at all possible come join us at Calvary this Friday (2/16) and cheer for your Lions. Ladies start about 7:30 pm with the men to follow. And stay tuned for the upcoming two game playoff schedule, it comes out next week. Go Lions!

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Secondary Basketball Season Update

January 16, 2018
By Trinity Christian School
Secondary School Basketball Update
Written by Coach Rich

Since the TCS 2016-2017 basketball season ended, several Lions have been working hard to improve their skills and prepare for the 2017-2018 season.  Joyously, on Jan. 5th & 6th our season began with games against Friendship Academy and Ko’olau Baptist. It’s exciting to share that after hard fought battles both the Boys team and Girls won their games. Frequently, success is based on wins and losses but in reality there are many more aspects to it than just the final score.  As the Coach, that’s watched them work very hard to get here, I was very pleased to see the way they competed both individually and as a team. In a regular season of just 10 (Girls) and 12 (Boys) games, each game is important but some seem to carry a bit more emotion than others and our games this weekend against Calvary Christian (CCCS) and Kaimuki Christian (KCS) were just that type.  Two games will be played at Calvary Christian School in Aiea this weekend vs Calvary Christian School on Friday at 7:30 PM (Girls first, Boys to follow) and on Saturday morning at 11:00 AM against Kaimuki Christian School. It’s always nice to have supporters in the stands so if your schedule allows and you want to see some exciting basketball, come join us at Calvary this weekend.  All future games are shown in the TCS calendar so you can plan accordingly.  GO LIONS!   


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TCS Basketball Season!

November 07, 2017
By Trinity Christian School
Who's who on the TCS Basketball teams
By Coach Rich

Lions, its basketball season, the rosters are set. Lion’s basketball, like all TCS activities, has many more people involved than just the players and coaches, all working in the background to help create the successful journey. If you’re a basketball fan and would like to help come see me, I’m frequently on the court and we can talk.  Our schedules will come out in the next few weeks with games beginning soon after the first of the year.  Once again the Girls and Boys Varsity games will be played back-to-back on the same nights.  The JV game specifics (teams, locations, days, times, etc.) will be shared as soon as I have something.  Once the word is out I hope the entire TCS Ohana can come see our games and expect to see aggressive spirited basketball. Go Lions!  

Girls Varsity Roster

Junior Varsity

Boys Varsity

Anna Willweber

Hunter Phelps

Tate Tamaye

Logan Yamamoto

Luke Morgado

Tanner Tamaye

Tiantian Thompson

Luke Klein

Peter Schuler

Mei Mei Stonebraker

Ben Hilpert

Kanoa McClaren

Gabby Stonebraker

Noah Gosiaco

Higgy Katoa

Jamie Sagami

Luke Dart

Brandon Lawrence

Camilla Nied

Carson Chiu

Micah Litsey

Lucie Jager


Seth Ines

Beth Ines


Jackson Henry

Mya Hunter


Matthias Aguiar

Sophia Higa


Laura Dart


Melynda Bretz



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4th-6th Grade Boys' Basketball Team Undefeated!

September 19, 2017
By Trinity Christian School

As I hope you’re all aware our Boys’ basketball team (4th- 6th graders) has been hard at work over the last few weeks. We’ve played three games so far with four remaining. Of those 4, only one, against Waolani Judd Nazarene at Kalakaua District Park (KDP) is away from Kailua. The dates are Sept. 19th at St. Anthony (4:00), Sept. 22nd at TCS (4:15), Sept.26th at KDP at 3:45, and Sept 3rd at Le Jardin Academy at 4:00. 

Our first game (9/6) was against Le Jardin Academy-white and like all first games, we were nervous. We’d worked hard but how would that develop in a game and in a gym? Having gotten to know them better, I should have relaxed. They bring a natural intensity (something not always apparent in practice) that’s hard to teach so they played great and we won, something made even more special considering our opponent and the history. 

Our next game (9/8) was against Holy Nativity (HN), a team with great heart. As the game progressed I was very pleased with how the Lions represented TCS through their grace and sportsmanship. Any season is an adventure in how the team comes together so watching them support each other and develop is truly a blessing to see. 

Our game last Thursday (9/15) was against Maryknoll so the excitement was a bit higher than the previous 

games. Questions about how to deal with “butterflies” or stomach discomfort was in the air. The scoring started slow for both teams but as we settled in and realize it was just another game the Lions began to click and we started pulling away and won our third game. 

The 2017 TCS CSAL basketball team consists of 6 fourth, 3 fifth, and 3 sixth graders with each athlete adding a special athleticism to our roster. They’re working hard and having fun, both at practice and the games, so if your schedule allows, try to make to a game. They’d appreciate your support. Written by Coach Rich 

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