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Wednesday, April, 3
April 3, 2019
Look for an invitation with specific grade level information and times. Kindergarten 8:30-9:15; 1st 9:45-10:30--Tuesday PK 8:30-9:15; JK 9:45-10:30--Wednesday 2nd 8:30-9:15; 3rd 9:45-10:30--Thursday 4th 8:30-9:15; 5th 9:45-10:30--Friday 4/12 9:30-10:30 Friday 6th-12th
April 3, 2019
Eat at Kailua CPK today, show the flyer (digital or print) and 20% of the sales will return to TCS. Give the flyer to the waitstaff prior to check out.
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